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Dealing with Slip-Ups.

For anyone who has ever been trying to eat healthier, or follow a specific diet, the slip-ups are a part of the journey.Very few people

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It’s likely that in your previous attempts at losing weight you encountered one or more roadblocks:

  • The weight loss plan you were following wasn’t sustainable.
  • Recommended meals didn’t suit the family.
  • Only one aspect of the weight loss puzzle was tackled at a time.
  • You felt hungry and deprived and so could not continue.
  • It was a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy that didn’t take your individual differences into account.

Your weekly Dietflex support sessions will be great opportunity to identify any roadblocks you may be experiencing and develop strategies to overcome them!

We work around what your family likes to eat.

You can be rest assured that with Dietflex you will learn how to adapt basic guidelines to suit all the different family members and your coach will work with you to adjust your family favourites to suit your needs.

We'll keep you motivated!

Motivation is great for getting started, but it can be hard going all the way on your own! With the weekly support of the coach you will transform your motivation into lasting habits, having security in knowing that if you trip, you the coach will be there to help you back on track.

You'll be more energised.

We do experience multiple demands and commitments that require time and attention. What most of our busy members have found is that when they invest in time for themselves, they cope better with whatever life throws at them and have a lot more energy to get through their busy days.

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