Celebrating Antoinette’s Dietflex Journey!

Honestly we can’t keep up with this woman, introducing our wonderful Dietflex client Antoinette Mair!

Ant signed up with Dietflex in February to complete our 12 week kickstart challenge. Her goals were to lose some weight, gain fitness and greater health in time for her wedding in April. Her 12 week transformation was incredible, she lost 23.8 kgs and 95 cms lost in just 12 weeks! …..If the wedding date had been one day later that beautiful dress (pictured below) may not have fit (perfect timing!!).

But she didn’t stop there, she has recently hit another milestone: weighing in at under 85kg. She’s had a total loss of 48.8kg and 146cm since she started with us in February 2021!

This blog is a timeline tribute to Ant’s journey with us so far! Read on to see how much changed in Ant’s life during the last 9 months, the highlights and challenges she has experienced so far!

Antoinette on her Wedding day with hubby Cory Mair

February 2021: Ant started with Dietflex weighing in at 132.8 kg. Her and her now hubby Cory started the program together with the goal of losing some weight before their wedding in April 2021 (and they liked it so much they decided to continue the program after the wedding!)

Feb to April 2021: During the first few months of her time with us Ant was working at a bakery, so temptation was around her EVERY day! But Ant did not let that stop her from her goals! She was consistent with the Dietflex way of eating and lost over 23kg before the wedding day – in just 10 weeks!

April 2021: She gained so much confidence in such a short window of time and started walking regularly (she went from practically no walking to long walks almost daily). She also started getting so interested in health and wellbeing that she signed up to do a Personal Training (P.T.) course part time.

May 2021: By May she had decided to leave her role at the Bakery and her and hubby Cory set out to start-up their own landscaping business. A switch up to a new active role!

Here she is with hubby Cory in our First Place Fitness Gym t-shirt’s and getting stuck into their new landscaping roles after recently launching their own business C&R Mowing and Landscaping services

June/July 2021: Ant stays consistent with the Dietflex plan (with the occasional treat day) and makes sure she gets regular exercise outside of work whenever possible! Her weight continues to go down.

August 2021: Lockdown Level 4 strikes NZ and all of the time off work inspires Ant to start increasing her walking distances and even start running! She hits 12 km with walking, and even ran over 2km.

September 2021: Back to work, she is continuing her P.T. course part time, and has even more weight loss wins on the board. This month she hit a massive 46.1kg loss, weighing in at 86.7kg!!

October – November 1st 2021: There has been a lot going on for Ant over the last month – including big plans in the works to pack up the family and move to the South Island. But as always, she stays firm in her goals, and has recently hit another milestone weighing in at under 85kg (84kg’s to be exact as of the 1st of November 2021!). And she plans to continue her journey with us at Deitflex through our online coaching services!

That’s a total loss of 48.8kg and 146cm since Ant started with us in February 2021. She’s feeling more confident than ever, and has even found the confidence to wear dresses again! Look at you go Ant!

No, it has not been easy, Ant has just persevered through all of the challenges and kept her end goals in mind! As you can see a lot can happen in 9 months,

you say yes,

you start the journey,

and then 9 months on you look back at where it all began!

We can support you and your own transformation story too!

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